We have been measuring internet users’ behaviour for the last 15 years. From the technical point of view, you could say what we do is tracking cookies and browsers, but real innovation starts when you try to find out how many real people are behind those cookies. Today, over 30 markets in the EMEA region use the “Real Users” metric” – this is our trade mark and our pride. New technologies, as well as the changing behaviour of internet users makes our work even more interesting. There is an increasing share of individuals who use two or more devices, what is even more, they sometimes use these devices simultaneously. The challenge here is to understand how many people all those cookies and browser we detect represent.

Presently, we are one of just a few companies in the world, and certainly the only European enterprise recognized as a standard (by IAB Europe, local IABs as well as other relevant market players) in online audience measurement.

Our uniqueness also lies in the wide portfolio of services and products we provide. We have always been focused on embracing digital in its fullest. This is why we extended the “Real Users” metric to our activities related to adserving business (as a part of measurement of digital campaigns), web analytics, as well as e-commerce. We are aiming to make internet a transparent place of business for all companies who are eager to build up their online operations. To attain this goal, it is important to understand the real market potential: this is why they rely so much on the number of Real Users.