As we measure online audience behaviour, we collect cookie and browser data. Next, we develop panels with online users, as this way we are able to understand their socio-demographic characteristics. Our aim is to serve all online market players who aim to come closer to the internet user with a purpose to render their web-based services more user friendly – both in terms of content as well as the formulation of their services.

We are confident that we offer a globally competitive service, with the key factors of our success being: innovation in terms of new trends and standards that we bring into the world of internet and advertising measurements, data safety (we always give full ownership rights over data to our clients and they can fully rely on us while managing data) and flexibility when it comes to adjusting our offers to specific local market needs. We are a data-driven company, our technology would have no value if weren’t supported with data, as it is data that is the context behind every technology.