International Presence

In 27 countries the results of our research service are recognised as the official information about the number of internet users visiting websites. Such decision is within the authority of local media organizations. Comprising representatives of the media market, the committees’ aim to arrange for objective and independent study of online audience behaviour. The company entrusted with performance of such analysis is selected by tender.

Gemius individually consults the scope of research with each media industry organization with either each media industry organisations or market players, where there is no such an organisation. This ensures that the specificity of every particular market is taken into account, providing exactly the type of data required. The extent of such service may be fine-tuned with the help of the following questions: Does the research include both global-reach and local websites? Does the research provide information on what devices are used by internet audience to visit a website? Does the analysed data concern websites only or maybe it includes audio and video analysis? Are the analysed websites categorised by the subjects they deal with? Does the research include mobile devices users?

In all the remaining countries where we operate, our research service if often the only one delivering insight into internet users’ online behaviour.